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Inspired by a one of a kind guitar tuning discovered in a dream, the eleven songs I wrote for the album are a lyrical and poetic diary of growing up in the Midwest and California. The album opens with the fast-paced Americana tune "Harvester Grille" featuring the Stovall Sister's known for their soulful harmonies on Norman Greenbaum's "Spirit In The Sky" song which takes you on a sonic journey that covers a wide variety of music styles. From indie-pop ("Shining Light", "Miss Your Smile", The Painter") to the Gypsy punk of "Cocktail For The blue" featuring members of the Hot Club of San Francisco, the album is a wild ride you are sure to enjoy. 

"More then just music - it’s a keen and honest observation of humanity” Melodymine Magazine.



On an often genre-bending ’70s inspired rock album full of guest appearances and layered in the futurist anxiety-laden grief of world orders, the art-rock guitarist/songwriter grapples with the need for meaningful change.


“The Space And Other Things” album is what I call the Los Feliz sound”, singer-songwriter Scot Sier explains. It was inspired by and written under the watchful eyes of the Griffith Park Observatory a few blacks away from where SIER lived at the time. The futuristic genre-bending album is as cosmic as you can get. Billionaires colonizing Mars, Native American chants, queer party jams, and theatrical Greek Novellas pack the eight songs on SIER’s debut release. “The album is a banger of rock tunes that offers listeners answers to today's burning questions. People have called it a protest record, but I prefer to call it “an awareness” album” SIER exclaims. 


Space And Other Things opens the door into the mind of a child prodigal violinist who adopted the guitar after hearing Jimi Hendrix play the “Star Spangled Banner” at Woodstock. “I knew that was my calling and never looked back. This album is a musicians musician record, featuring a global all-star lineup from the word that spread among musicians who recorded on the project. “This album is close to my heart and definitely one of the best records I have recorded. The eight songs on the record are dedicated to the themes of the 700-plus song “Deep Under Cover” playlist SIER curated during the Occupy Wall Street protest movement. Inequality, human rights, mental health, and celebrity culture are some of the more pressing issues addressed in the album. “My hope is that this record not only entertains music fans but engages them to create a more enlightened world through meaningful change.”

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